Chillers Repair and Installation

Proudly Engineering, Installing and

Servicing Systems

Frontline Refrigeration is the factory-authorized experts – striving to provide comprehensive and high-quality industrial chiller repair and maintenance service. Our skilled technicians and engineers offer support for wide-ranging refrigeration equipment used in air conditioning HVAC, Industrial cooling, heavy machinery, comfort cooling, and more. Above all, we help our valuable clients with emergency repairs, breakdowns, overhaul plus replacement, planned maintenance, and service call-outs.

Our engineers solve service issues at hand while assisting you to select the appropriate system for your business. Besides, we make suggestions to help you optimize the performance of your refrigeration system with a customized maintenance plan. Having years of experience in the refrigeration industry, our experts can analyze the chiller's operating efficiency and identify potential needs for repair and maintenance.

Ensuring the Long-Term Reliability

of Your Equipment

We provide the best commercial chiller repair, installation, and maintenance service for different offices, factories, and restaurants. Specializing in the field of commercial refrigeration systems, our professional engineers offer wide-ranging services to get your systems running up to their full potential. To be precise, our technicians are experienced and trained to optimize performance, improve air quality, and increase the energy efficiency of your chillers.

Besides, we conduct a variety of other performance tests to help our engineers identify minor problems before they become major ones. All of our engineers keep an extensive inventory of the most common spare parts, as well as the expertise to get the system fully functional as soon as possible.

Comprehensive Packages and Services,

Beyond Comparison

We schedule maintenance visits to ensure your cooling system maintains maximum uptime. Not just this, we provide our clients with personalized packages considering their needs. During our maintenance visit, we clean the pumps, condensers, indoor coils, and drains while killing bacteria. Frontline Refrigeration has factory-trained service engineers that immediately respond to emergency call-outs.

Our experts assess and, if necessary, repair the chiller on-site, reducing the need to return equipment to the factory and resulting in less downtime. Whether you need solenoid replacement or complete refurbishment, we can help you anytime.